Create a Virtual Employee and Sell More!

Imagine if you could speak to every individual that visits your website, answer their questions, communicate key marketing messages and make sure they either make a purchase or leave their contact information. How about if you could offer this level of 24/7 support for less than $10 a month? If it sounds too good to believe, you haven’t heard of SitePal.

Try it RISK FREE for 15 days!

Use A SitePal Virtual Employee To:

  • Increase your conversions and sales
  • Engage your visitors to take action
  • Provide information on your product
  • Collect leads from your visitors

How it Works
SitePal is web-based software that allows you to create animated speaking characters that act as virtual employees on your website. Using SitePal’s easy-to-use, powerful online editing tool, you can:

  • Customize the character to your liking
  • Add audio through either voice recording or text-to-speech functionality
  • Publish it to your website within minutes

The process is virtually automated, no technical experience is required and characters can be changed whenever you want. A SitePal virtual employee is a cost-effective, proven way to enhance the customer experience, reinforce your brand and improve business results.

Visit to learn how other businesses benefit from SitePal.


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